Pierre-De Saurel (average total of 89 km)

Itinerary details

(Distances can vary from one bike odometer to another)

  • START : at the parking (P1) of the Bureau d'information touristique de la région de Sorel-Tracy (92 chemin des Patriotes, Sorel-Tracy).
  • KM 0,00 Take the La Sauvagine bike path. Turn left at the cyclists' traffic light onto du Roi street.
  • KM 1,10 Turn left : traffic light onto Turcotte Bridge (Road 132 West). Take the left sidewalk. Take the left path before the end of the Turcotte Bridge.
  • KM 1,60 Turn left : Vandal street.
  • KM 2,00 Turn right : de Prouville street.
  • KM 2,20 Take the bike path.
  • KM 2,70 Turn left : chemin St-Roch bike lane (become côte St-Jean)
  • KM 18,3 Turn left : Montée St-Roch. (Principal street)
  • KM 20,7 Take the St-Roch - St-Ours Ferry to cross Richelieu River. (distance recorded)
  • KM 20,9 Go up the hill after the ferry ride to reach Immaculée-Conception Street (Road 133 South). Turn right : Immaculée-Conception (Road 133).
  • KM 22,2 Turn left : Chemin de Michaudville.
  • KM 25,9 Turn left : Rang du Ruisseau Sud.
  • KM 28,6 Keep right to take Chemin Fleury.
  • KM 29,4 Turn left : Rang St-Pierre
  • KM 34,0 Turn right : Rang Prescott.
  • KM 39,3 Turn left :Rang St-Yves.
  • KM 44,0 Turn right : Road 239 (montée Ste-Victoire).
  • KM 49,7 Turn right : de l'Église street.
  • KM 49,9 Turn left : Cartier street.
  • KM 50,1 Turn right :Royale street.
  • KM 53,5 Turn left : Road 239 South. Cross the bridge.
  • KM 54,1 Turn left : Rang Saint-Charles. Become Rang du Bord-de-l'Eau East. Continue until Road 132 junction.
  • KM 68,7 Cross the Road 132 and take West direction.
  • KM 69,2 Take sligthly to the left and follow Road 132 West. Cross Camille-Parenteau bridge.
  • KM 69,9 Turn right : Principale street. Take sligthly to the left and follow this street.
  • KM 71,9 Turn right : Road 132 West (paved bike lane reserved).
  • KM 76,9 Turn right to reach the La Sauvagine bike path' parking. Take La Sauvagine bike path.
  • KM 88,9 End at the parking (P1) of the Bureau d'information touristique de la région de Sorel-Tracy (92 chemin des Patriotes, Sorel-Tracy)

This itinerary brings you different attractions and services: Relax in the many well- equipped camp grounds. To appreciate the countryside see an English garden, stop and buy fresh asparagus or stroll in a beautiful park on the Yamaska. Hungry? You will find a restaurant or market. If you have any technical needs, the bike shop or village garage can provide assistance. Finally, as you approach your arrival point, stop and shop in 50 stores in the shopping centre.

These businesses are identified by a yellow dot on the map listed in order from the starting point in this itinerary.


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Printed on : Friday, March 23, 2018