Terre et eau (approx. 66 km)

Itinerary details

(Distances can vary from one bike odometer to another)

START : At the at the parking (P1) of the Tourist Information Centre of the Sorel-Tracy Region (92 chemin des Patriotes, Sorel-Tracy).
KM 0,00  Leave the parking lot onto the chemin des Patriotes bike lane.
KM 16,0  Turn left : montée de la Basse.
KM 17,6  Turn left : rang de la Basse.
KM 22.4  Turn left : chemin Ste-Victoire (becomes rang Sud).
KM 33,6  Carefully cross the road and turn left : Fiset boulevard (132 West).
KM 33.8  Turn right : chemin de la Sauvagine.
KM 34,0  Turn left : the La Sauvagine bike path.
KM 37,7  Turn right : Poliquin boulevard (becomes chemin du Chenal-du-Moine).
KM 49,3  Slightly turn left : chemin de l'Île-d'Embarras (cross the small bridge).
KM 50,0  At Chez Marc Beauchemin restaurant, make a U-turn.
KM 59,3  Turn right : Du Quai street.
KM 62,1  Slightly turn left : De la Rive street (becomes chemin Ste-Anne).
KM 62,3  Turn right : the bike path heading towards the Regard-sur-le-Fleuve park.
KM 62,5  Turn left on the biking path and cross the entire park.
KM 63,5  Turn right : Augusta street.
KM 63,9  Turn left : Du Prince street.
KM 64,7  Turn right on the La Sauvagine bike path and continue untill the parking (P1).
KM 65,6 (ARRIVAL) :
At the at the parking (P1) of the Tourist Information Centre of the Sorel-Tracy Region (92 chemin des Patriotes, Sorel-Tracy).

This itinerary brings you different attractions and services. Stay in a cozy motel with beautiful woodwork or rest in a 4-star hotel by the St-Lawrence River. Have a bite at the local restaurant, visit a nearby grocery store or discover the gibelotte, one of our local specialties. Looking for a place to cool down or enjoy beautiful sceneries this summer? Visit our local water play areas or take a stroll across a beautiful park by the St-Lawrence River.  Make your stay even more memorable by visiting the magnificent Sorel Islands on a boat tour. A bike shop will also be available for technical support.

These businesses are identified by a yellow dot on the map listed in order from the starting point in this itinerary. 

  1. Motel des Patriotes > 1140, chemin des Patriotes, Sorel-Tracy, 450 743-5257 +Infos
  2. Restaurant L'Ours qui bouffe > 2273, chemin des Patriotes, Saint-Ours, 450 785-2311
  3. Épicerie Arpin et fils > 2471, rue de l'Immaculée-Conception, Saint-Ours, 450 785-2308
  4. Parc Regard-sur-le-Fleuve > Accès par la rue Saint-Pierre, Sorel-Tracy +Infos
  5. Hôtel de la Rive > 165, chemin Sainte-Anne, Sorel-Tracy, 450 742-5691 + Infos
  6. Jeux d'eau de Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel > 1685, chemin du Chenal-du-Moine, Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, 450 742-1616 + Infos
  7. Restaurant Le Varvo > 3139, chemin du Chenal-du-Moine, Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, 450 746-7595 + Infos
  8. Restaurant Chez Marc Beauchemin > 124, chemin de l'Île-d'Embarras, Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, 450 743-6023 + Infos
  9. Bicycles Lamothe > 200, rue Elizabeth, Sorel-Tracy, 450 743-9332 + Infos


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