Heron Nesting Grounds

The largest known heron nesting grounds in the world!

Nesting in the peaks of thousands of huge silver maples in the Lac-Saint-Pierre archipelagoe, the large herons make this location the largest colony in the world. While a colony usually contains about a hundred birds, the colony at Lac-Saint-Pierre has over 5,000!

Large heron

These large numbers of herons do not nest here by accident. In fact, they are not alone. The area also has great egrets, black-crowned night heron and a multitude of other bird species. The spring floods literally clean the islands so that the plants can survive and herons can live there. This is because herons are known to destroy their habitats, because of the acidity of their excrement. These birds therefore benefit from this location with its ideal conditions to feed themselves and hatch their eggs.

During your stay with us, pay attention and you will surely see one of these birds of more than metre long, its neck folded, flying slowly and recognizably over the area.

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Printed on : Monday, March 19, 2018