Îles de Sorel (Sorel Islands)

With the support of the St. Lawrence, the area has hundreds of islands intersected by marshes, bays and channels. As the gateway to the Lac-Saint-Pierre, world biosphere reserve, the region is an exceptional natural area. There are thousands of birds, hundreds of which are rare species. The archipelago of Lac Saint-Pierre has the largest known heron nesting grounds in the world. Located on Grande Île, the heron nesting grounds have more than 500 nests.


Since water brings us intimately close to nature, there are various boat trips to take you to the heart of this exceptional area. Pros and amateurs alike will find much to enjoy by taking a ride in kayak, boat or rabascaw. To enjoy your trip more, you should include a visit to the Biophare.

Finally, for your trip on the water, be sure to bring:

  • windbreaker
  • sweater
  • sunscreen
  • refreshments
  • binoculars
  • camera


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