Lac-Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve

What is a biosphere reserve?

Biosphere reserves are parts of the terrestrial or coastal ecosystems recognized by UNESCO. Classified by type, these designated territories combine human and environmental activity.

The reserves fulfill three functions:

  • conservation of the environment
  • human and economic development that respects the environment
  • logistic functions through research and education

Biosphere of the Lac-Saint-Pierre (seen from bird's eye)

The world reserve of the Lac-Saint-Pierre biosphere covers the vast territory and is located within the city limits of Trois-Rivières and five regional county municipalities (RCMs):

  • Pierre-De Saurel
  • Nicolet-Yamaska
  • Bécancour
  • D'Autray
  • Maskinongé

Exploration of the biosphere by kayakAll the splendour of this unique natural heritage is accessible to you in various ways. The more sporting visitors criss-cross the islands and marshes by kayak or rabascaw, whereas those who want to relax, choose a cruise or guided nature tour. Regardless of which type of boating, you will be impressed by the immense stretch of water, migratory oasis and over 288 species of birds!

Important characteristics:

  • The largest heron nesting ground in the world
  • 288 species of birds observed, including 116 considered nesting birds
  • 12 species of birds on the list of endangered birds in Québec
  • First stop during spring migration for the St. Lawrence snow goose
  • The largest migration stop for St. Lawrence waterfowl
  • 79 species of fish, two of which are on the list of endangered species
  • 27 species of rare plants
  • The largest archipelago on the St. Lawrence with 103 islands
  • The largest floodplain on the St. Lawrence
  • A territory that has remained 90% untouched
  • 50% of the wetlands on the St. Lawrence
  • 20 % of all the marshes on the St. Lawrence
  • The most significant conservation area in Québec

For more informations :

Since water brings us intimately close to nature, there are various boat trips to take you to the heart of this exceptional area. Pros and amateurs alike will find much to enjoy by taking a ride in kayak, canoe or rabascaw. To enjoy your trip more, you should include a visit to the Biophare.

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