Lake Saint-Pierre Nautical Station

The Lake Saint-Pierre Nautical Station, your water destination...

The Lake Saint-Pierre Nautical Station covers a large part of the south shore of the St-Lawrence River from Contrecoeur to Deschaillons as well as from Lavaltrie to Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade on the north shore. This puts Lake Saint-Pierre at the heart of the new Nautical Station.

Geographically, this also means that this Nautical Station forms a triangle made of an impressive number of boating destinations since it is at the junction of the Quebec-USA-St-Lawrence River axis.

The Lake Saint-Pierre Nautical Station brings along a very distinctive asset: a world renowned territory classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 2000. With its rich natural heritage, this destination is at the heart of an environmental treasure that has the particularity of being also used by the St-Lawrence Seaway, a shipping lane of international status. The beauty and the diversity of the fauna and the flora, an archipelago of more than 103 islands (the most important o the St-Lawrence River) and the largest concentration of herons in North America offer an idyllic destination for pleasure boating enthusiasts.

This includes marinas, sailing schools, rental of sea kayaks and guided tours, thematic river cruises, sport fishing in summer as well as ice fishing in winter, kite surfing, windsurfing, beaches, enchanting and educational venues such as the Biophare and more.

On top of the many facilities that adorn this nautical destination, there are a number of year round events that attest to the vitality of the region and its inhabitants.

For information on the activities and attractions of the Lake Saint-Pierre Nautical Station, please visit it's website.

Brief overview of the "Quebec Nautical Stations" program

The Association Maritime du Québec (AMQ) launched the Quebec Nautical Stations program to support the growth and practice of boating in Quebec. This new program brings together nautical suppliers of goods and services from designated regions in order to make all relevant information, promotions and activities related to boating available to the public. It is intended to benefit local residents and tourists alike.

A nautical station is a recognized regional entity uniting all businesses related to nautical and recreational sports for the purpose of coordinating services, programs and promotions. To be recognized, the station must obtain an official accreditation recognizing the quality and expertise of its partners, programs, and nautical facilities.

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