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Tourisme Région Sorel-Tracy, a non-profit organization, brings together local tourism stakeholders to promote, welcome, and inform visitors about the region's attractions. Located in the Governors' House, the information office directs visitors to activities in the Pierre-De Saurel MRC and provides information about other attractions. It also offers an exhibition hall, a regional products shop, a picnic area, gardens, and access to the Sauvagine bike path, with a discovery podcast about the baroness's gardens.

In short

Tourisme Région Sorel-Tracy, a non-profit organization, promotes, welcomes and informs visitors about the region's tourist attractions. Located in the Maison des gouverneurs, its information office offers services, an exhibition room, a boutique, a picnic area, gardens and access to the bicycle path. A discovery podcast of the Baroness's gardens is also available.

The mission

The mission of Tourisme region Sorel-Tracy consists of bringing together, consulting and representing tourism stakeholders, for the purposes of welcoming, promoting and developing tourism to generate regional, national and international influence.


The vision

To be a must, a model in terms of reception, development, promotion and support for tourism stakeholders.


Our values

  • Through its openness, its involvement in the community and its ease in taking on challenges as a team, Tourisme region Sorel-Tracy demonstrates its efficiency and vitality.

  • Be friendly, welcoming, courteous and kind. Tourisme région Sorel-Tracy is committed to providing excellent customer service.

  • Competence, rigor and efficiency are at the heart of Tourisme région Sorel-Tracy's actions.

  • Tourisme région Sorel-Tracy believes it is important to be creative, using existing resources and innovating with them.

  • Tourisme région Sorel-Tracy values the commitment of its directors, employees, tourism stakeholders and citizens.

Notre équipe

The Tourisme Région Sorel-Tracy team is dynamic and passionate, dedicated to helping you discover the treasures of our region with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Board members :

  • Julie Salvail, President,
  • Jean-Pierre Groulx, Vice-President,
  • Fabienne Daneau, Secretary,
  • Steve St-Germain, Treasurer,
  • Anne-Marie Dulude, Administrator,
  • Martin Letendre, Administrator,
  • Patrick Péloquin, Administrator,

Corporate documents

Tourisme région Sorel-Tracy produces various corporate documents on the region's tourism industry. You can easily consult and download the following documents of interest. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the information they contain.


To raise the profile of the Sorel-Tracy region, tourism industry players need to work together in a spirit of cooperation. Tourisme région Sorel-Tracy works hard to promote the region and increase the number of visitors to our beautiful region.

Be part of this success story by becoming a member of Tourisme région Sorel-Tracy!


Tourisme Région Sorel-Tracy also relies on important local partners to promote and develop tourism in the region.

  • Desjardins
  • Louis Plamondon, Deputy for Bécancour-Nicolet-Saurel
  • Jean-Bernard Émond, Deputy for Richelieu
  • Fromagerie Le Bédouin
  • Société des traversiers du Québec