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La Sublime Asperge

Agrotourism, Regional flavors, Boutiques
  • 1 hour and more

  • Saint-Aimé
  • Spring
  • Summer

The Sublime Asparagus is a family farm producing highly acclaimed tasting asparagus for connoisseurs for 24 years. Many customers come to the farm seeking our asparagus for its quality and freshness, all while enjoying an eclectic, calm, and inspiring setting. The Sublime Asparagus is recognized as a benchmark by all the major restaurateurs in Montreal and the surrounding area who are eager for exceptional products, all delivered to them twice a week. We also serve a few specialized grocers and fruit shops looking for an exceptional product to offer a more demanding clientele. Our land produces the best asparagus in Quebec!

From May 10 to Jun 30


Monday :

    08h00 - 18h00

Tuesday :

    08h00 - 18h00

Wednesday :

    08h00 - 18h00

Thursday :

    08h00 - 18h00

Friday :

    08h00 - 18h00

Saturday :

    08h00 - 18h00

Sunday :

    08h00 - 18h00

Amenities and services

  • On-site store
  • Pets allowed
  • Sanitary and/or shower facilities
  • Groups welcome
  • Free on-site parking
  • Parking or space for recreational vehicle
  • Rest and picnic area
  • Outdoor toilets

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