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Regional portrait

The Sorel-Tracy region, nestled in the heart of Quebec's Montérégie region, is a tourist destination not to be missed.

A rich history

Sorel-Tracy, bordered by the majestic Saint Lawrence River, is steeped in a rich past that is evident in its historic architecture, heritage sites, and museums. Once an important center of maritime trade, the city showcases its history with picturesque docks and renovated warehouses that now house shops and art galleries.

photo de la maison des gouverneurs

The heart of nature

The region is a paradise for nature lovers, with the Sorel Islands renowned for their biodiversity and offering unique opportunities for wildlife and flora observation. The Regional Park of Grèves, on the other hand, invites relaxation and discovery with its hiking trails and beaches.

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An active cultural life

Sorel-Tracy is also a dynamic cultural destination, with the Maison des Gouverneurs offering exhibitions, cultural events, and educational activities. Local festivals, such as the Gib Fest and the Regattas, animate the city throughout the year, providing a total immersion in the local cultural life.

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The pleasure of good food

Finally, the region is renowned for its gastronomy, showcasing local products and culinary traditions. In short, Sorel-Tracy offers a perfect combination of history, nature, culture, and gastronomy for the enjoyment of visitors.

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